Saturday, July 15, 2017

5 months on

Five months on from surgery and things are very well with my toe.

I saw the orthopaedic surgeon a month ago for the second follow up consultation. He was impressed with progress and does not feel the need to see me again unless something untoward happens, which I think unlikely.

I can walk any distance. There is only a slight soreness in the joint which I am for the most part barely aware of.

I'll write another post in twelve months to flag progress, assuming nothing worth writing about happens in the meantime.

The colour in this photo is quite washed out - my foot is really a healthy pinky-red hue. The scar is still quite noticeable, but has faded. As you can see, it has fully healed.

The advice I give to anyone undergoing this surgery is:

  • Follow your surgeon's instructions, especially in the first couple of weeks when the joint is traumatized and the major healing takes place. Yes, it is a drag just laying around with your foot elevated, but it is only a short time really and being diligent about this will pay dividends.
  • Do lots of walking when you are able. But avoid impact activities like jumping and running. I've just gone to a lot of trouble and expense to have this joint repaired and I want it to last - I'm not going to wreck it again.
  • I didn't have a physiotherapist and my surgeon did not feel the need to recommend I use one. My toe has healed quickly and well anyway. You may also want to consider whether you need this additional expense. Just walk.
  •  Wear sensible shoes with fairly rigid soles.

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