Saturday, May 12, 2018

15 months later

I have forgotten to write an update in this blog for months. Which is an indication of how much awareness I have of the cheilectomy over a year after the operation.


If I bend my toe upwards hard it is a bit sore, but I have to be going out of my way to inflict that minor pain on myself. Normally, I am unaware of any discomfort.

I had also forgotten about the scar until I looked for it today. Yes, there it is, a thin pale line maybe a couple of centimetres long. But barely visible. I can't say I've noticed it for months and I had to lift my foot just now to pick it out clearly.

So the operation has been a great success.

If you are considering this operation yourself, I hope my experience has been a help to you. But keep in mind that everyone is different. Talk to your surgeon.

And if you do have the surgery make sure you follow the surgeon's post-op instructions diligently - especially keep that foot elevated and resist the temptation to go walking around on it when you are not supposed to. I know it is boring as heck lying around with your foot in the air, but I am sure that doing what I was told contributed to my effective recovery.

All the best.

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