Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 2

Day 2 - 21 February 2017

My foot is encased in a huge layer of bandages the size of a cast, within which is a supporting layer of fibreglass. Effectively a cast without the plaster. I'll attach a photo some time soon.

I had been told to expect pain when the anesthetic wore off. My foot was still numb until about midnight last night, so whatever they used lasted over 12 hours. Fortunately I have been experiencing no foot pain whatsoever.

However, as for the rest of me, this is not particularly enjoyable. My next appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon is on 8 March. Meanwhile I have been told to keep my foot elevated about 95% of the time. For 17 days! That's a pretty difficult thing to do. I have a pair of crutches for getting about on when I need to.

My wife took today off work to look after me and has been having to do everything around the apartment. I am pretty much useless until this bandage comes off.

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