Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 9

Day 9. Tuesday. 28 February 2017

Half way to having the bandage removed. This has become an event I am keenly looking forward to - like Christmas when I was a child.

As usual, the foot itself gives me no trouble. No pain, no swelling.

However, this morning I found that my hands have developed significant pain, particularly around the thumb joints, when I put my body weight on them while using the crutches. Hands are not designed to carry 80 kilograms in this manner. So instead I have been either crawling or, occasionally, hobbling by putting the weight on the heel of my injured foot. My back also continues to give me trouble - probably due to being out of my usual exercise regime and not being able to walk normally. Not to mention going a bit bonkers from being unable to get out of the apartment.

Not enjoying this one bit.

Half way.

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