Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 7

Day 7. Sunday 26 February 2017

Similar to yesterday. Wendy took me for a drive to the coast, we found a pleasant place to sit on the grass and watched some guys fooling about in a small metal boat fitted with an oversize outboard motor. I obtained a Coxwain's Certificate many years ago and much time was spent during the course emphasizing safety around boats. These guys were clueless. No wonder so many people get into trouble on the water.

The foot has given me no trouble. It does not appear to be swollen, though it is hard to tell under the thickness of bandage. I continue to have no pain (other than my back being more sore than usual).

Showering has been no problem - primarily due to the design of our shower, which we had renovated 18 months ago. As well as a shower rose, we have a shower attachment on a flexible cable (European-style). There is also no door, instead a large sheet of glass enclosures one side and ends at a step. I can sit on the step with my injured foot hanging out of the shower and wash with the flexible shower head. We also took the precaution of installing a couple of grab rails. I didn't ever expect to use these, but life is full of unexpecteds.

The two days out have brightened my outlook - I was getting a bit sour from the inactivity and being cooped up. 

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