Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 12

Day 12. Friday. 3 March 2017

Wendy took today off work to help relieve the boredom. She drove me out to Olinda, in the Dandenongs, where we sat in a cafe for a while. Then to a nearby picnic ground for lunch. After being cooped up in a sunless apartment for 4 days, it was pleasant to just lay in the sun for a while soaking up some rays and getting some vitamin D.

While I no longer use both crutches, as I quickly develop pain in my hands if I shift all my weight on to them, while out I did use one crutch as a prop to help take some of the weight off the left foot.

At home I hobble around on my heel. Mostly, though, I continue to sit on the lounge, lay on the bed or floor with my foot propped up. Prior to this surgery I would go to the gym most days and, living in the inner city, would walk everywhere rather than drive. So this inactivity is driving me up the wall.
The toe itself gives me no trouble.

I pulled the bandage back a little from my big toe nail, just a few millimetres, to peek at what might be going on in that direction. Beyond the toenail the toe looks pretty bruised and dark. It will be interesting to see the wound site when the bandage comes off next Wednesday. 

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