Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 14

Day 14. Sunday. 5 March 2017

Another day not doing much.

What I did focus in on today was sensitivity on the top right side of the foot. My affected foot is the left one, so this across from the surgery and not, therefore, likely to be a direct result of the surgical incision.

Going back a step, I had noticed a row of 4 small bruises or blood blisters around the upper part of my ankle, about 2 centimetres above the top of the bandage, some time ago. They are spaced about 2 centimetres apart. I have assumed they were something to do with the anesthetic and didn't take much more notice of them until yesterday, when I had a closer look out of curiosity.

In addition, I had also noticed that if I stretched my foot, there was a slight pain, as if there was a small plaster on my foot that was being tugged, along the left hand side (under the bandage). I assumed this was something to do with the bandage and would go way when it is removed on Wednesday.

Now I'm wondering.

During the course yesterday's inspection of the tiny bruises, I gave the one on the furthest left (near the ankle bump - furthest from the incision) a little rub and it sent a bolt of nerve pain shooting along my foot. Along the same route as the slight pain I mentioned previously. Not a dissimilar feeling to having one's funny bone tapped. Just the slightest bump and -zowy- there's a pulse of nerve pain.

Naturally I am concerned about this. My first thought is that I have suffered nerve damage from the administration of the anesthetic.

I will discuss with the surgeon on Wednesday afternoon. 

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