Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 19. Coffee at the market

Day 19. Friday. 10 March 2017

Here's a picture of my foot taken this morning. The nurse put the dressing on when the bandage was removed and sprayed it with waterproofing.

This morning I walked something less than a kilometre to Chapel Street, then caught a tram a similar distance to the Prahran market. I am limping and still wary about the foot, but gradually becoming more confident. The joint is stiff, but I am confident it will slowly loosen up with use. It is a little sore when walking, maybe 2, sometimes 3, on a scale of 10.

I regularly have coffee at the market and a had a bit of a chat to the cafe owners, George and Lea. Then limped around doing some shopping before catching a couple of trams home. That will do for today.

Prahran market


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