Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 18 - resuming a near normal life

Day 18. Thursday. 9 March 2017

Having a coffee at a cafe is something I do regularly. Sitting for half an hour with a book or watching people wander by is one of life's pleasures. I know those $4.50 a day coffees add up, but I think its a cheap delight. I'm not, at any rate, much into restaurant eating - and one restaurant meal can gobble up as much cash as a fortnight of cafe crawling.

So I was chuffed to be able to have a decent coffee in a cafe after 17 days of medical imprisonment at home (with the exception of the weekend jaunts with my wife). A sign that life is returning to normal.

I am wary of the foot, and tend to limp a bit. I expect that will pass before long as I become more confident and the healing progresses. There is no pain, though I am aware of sensitivity in the area of the wound. I haven't been game to really try bending the toe yet, but that will come.

Yesterday the surgeon said he has moved away from recommending people see physiotherapists. He said he just wants me to start walking. Half an hour to start, then gradually increasing as I feel comfortable. In his mind, the natural process of walking around will do as much good as physiotherapy. He's a nice guy - Paul Rice - I'd recommend him. Must be pretty qualified as he's ceased being called Dr and has returned to being called Mr (that happens to some highly qualifed Docs).

I am a doctor, by the way, but I'm not a physician. I have a Ph.D. in geology. I also usually get called Mr, but in my case its because that's what people call you by default and I can't be bothered correcting them - you sound like a bit of a wanker if you do. Even my mother still writes Mr on my birthday cards after 30 years of me being a Dr - but she just forgets. 

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