Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 16

Day 16. Tuesday. 7 March 2017

Tomorrow the bandage comes off. Hooray.

Here is an extract from Day 16 of the blog I referred to earlier, written in 2012 by a person called Parsifel:

'I did go to the gym today. I managed to put on my squash shoes. and I was perfectly OK. Obviously no running, but I spent 30 mins on the training bike (no problems whatsoever), stretched, and did weights. In the afternoon I went with my daughter to the beach and had a nice swim in the waves'

Hah! I, on the other hand, spent day 16 stuck in my apartment, obeying the surgeon's instructions to keep my leg elevated as much as possible, with my foot encased in bandages. As for going to the gym - well, I did lay on my back and run through my stretching regime (which has been helping with the sore back I was experiencing). Any other exercise I got consisted of hobbling around on my heel.

When I was considering a cheilectomy I had found Parsifel's blog and thought to myself 'this doesn't look too bad'. I suggest that if you read that same blog, you take it with a grain of salt. I expect it is more likely for patients to be up on blocks on day 16 - not peddling a training bike and going for a swim. 

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